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A car battery really is a rechargeable battery that is utilized to begin a car's electrical engine. Its primary function is to supply an electrical charge to the engine, which in turn begins the gasoline-powered internal combustion engine, which in turn fuels the car. The alternator is the device that provides the electrical charge to the battery, and this is usually located inside the engine compartment along with the battery cables. This type of battery is normally in series and is designed to give continuous service for several thousand miles. A car battery can last approximately two to five years, depending on the manufacturer, condition, and use. Most car batteries sold today are designed to have a very long operational lifespan. However, there are those which can be extended by adding certain components such as deep cycle batteries, or NiCad batteries, or even lithium polymer. There are also external batteries that can be used to power small appliances while you drive your vehicle or even be utilized in backup emergency situations. You will get all the information about car batteries on Battery Tools. It is a blogging page where the author posts blogs as well as articles on car batteries. You can visit the site to check all the battery information.